How Does

It Work?


is typing...

A personalized VR experience

based on the viewer's personal message history.

It is the first completely personalized VR piece -

what you see depends on

who you are, your history

& your connection to others.

We invite you to enter

a world made of your messages, encounter moments from your past and see your own individual story.

Our setup at Brussels's

Digital Festival, 2016



We've Been 


Invite us over.

Hosting an event we might find interesting? Fancy a meeting? Collaborations excite us.

is typing is constantly evolving as a product, 

as well as a research environment, bringing together artists and scientists for the creation of what we're calling - Data Art.  

We'd love to connect.

Our team ( & Guri Alfi)

Cannes Film Festival, 2016

A Private Space

Mobile messaging data is very sensitive and personal. 

Understanding this, brought us to believe in a no preview method -

the experience starts when you put on the VR headset and ends forever when you take it off. In VR, you are the sole occupant of the world that exists only as a single point in time. 

We believe this makes for

a comfortable and safe platform for self exploration and reflection, and we choose to make this one of our main focuses.

One aspect of this choice is not to share any visualizations or data outside of the actual experience.


Graphics & Design by Shir Shushan

is typing @Brussel's DigFest